documentary wedding, elopement, and destination photography

The Philosophy

I am a big open field, pretty sun streaming through the trees, hair in your face, foggy morning, tree lined drive, pine needles under your feet, wildflowers in your hair, row boat on a lake, smiles in your eyes, giddy giggles, non traditional kind of photographer. I'm all about the moments that make up a life. My couples are usually people who enjoy the spontaneity of life, are deeply in love, creative, true to themselves, and want to have meaningful photographs to look back on.

Your wedding day...the dress, the flowers, the backdrop. While they are beautiful elements that help make a wedding day special (and I will be sure to photograph them), it's not ultimately about those things. The day is about your love. Celebrating that love with family and friends. It's about where you've been that brought you to this day, it's about the first day of the rest of your lives together for forever.

My goal is to capture your most authentic moments; the little ones you may not even realize happen, and the big ones that you will remember the rest of your life. I take a documentary/photojournalistic approach to your day that is lively and romantic, this way I am able to capture your day just as it is. As someone who lives mindfully, I make sure to be present and in the moment during your day. I know choosing your wedding photographer is no easy task, you want someone who will capture your day in all its splendor. Someone who takes the memories just as seriously as you do. I hope to be that person for you, that you treasure and share the images we create and their value will increase over the years as memories fade and life happens. During your wedding day I will be shooting both digital and film images. My photography career began with film and could not image not including its timeless nature in my professional work. There is a magical quality to film that brings the soul of a moment to life, an irreplaceable feeling.

On your wedding day capturing your love and your story is my ultimate priority. My clients like me for my friendly and considerate demeanor. They trust me because I know trust is earned and I will work to earn it.

 St. Louis documentary Wedding photographer for the genuine and creative couple in love.

 Photo courtesy of Katie Forbis :  Vein & Vessel

Photo courtesy of Katie Forbis : Vein & Vessel

meet ashley

I am small town grown with an adventurous soul. I love all things lavender, believe in the little things, the ones that make up the bigger picture, that you should always be your genuine self, and being gracious and kind to one another is key in life.
Spending afternoons in antique and thrift stores is my jam, along with the occasional dumpster dive. I am a kitty mom and love to spend time cooking. I have an itchy travel bug that hopes to one day see the world. Originally, I wanted to be an interior designer when I grew up and while I may not be practicing professionally I still have a passion for it.  I've been photographing the lives of others since 2012 and I couldn't imagine my life any other way.